Superb Blue Wren

Superb Blue Wren

What a cute little bunch! Superb Blue Wrens are common, they are photogenic, they love civilized environs and they occur in flocks one cannot overhear. In fact, these groups are pretty interesting: the are formed by a couple with their, well let's say "friends and mates". Both of the couple will sometimes mate with them and also help raising the chicks - still stay together as a couple and care for their chicks first. A concept as lively as their appearance. Someone told me he bought an SLR camera only for them - as they cannot sit still for 2 seconds. But thank god - one comes across them over and over again, so they are plenty of chances for a good shot of them.

The males show this stunning plumage only during breeding season, only elder ones may keep the blue offseason.

Superb Blue Wren Superb Blue Wren Superb Blue Wren Superb Blue Wren
Superb Blue Wren chick

above: Chick of the Superb Blue Wren

above: female Superb Blue Wren

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